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There are many ways to help BCHFS

Invest in others. And BLESS YOU ALL!

By giving of your time, talents and financial resources, you are making an investment in the lives of those we serve. The work of our ministry could not continue without the kindness and generosity of our BCHFS supporting family.

Since 1918, Baptist Children’s Home and Family Services has provided Christ-centered services to thousands of people from every corner if Illinois and beyond. BCHFS does not receive Illinois state purchase of care funding, nor do we receive funding through the Southern Baptist Cooperative Program. Our ministries exist only because churches and private individuals just like YOU say that the work we do and the lives we touch matter!

BCHFS: A history of caring

Ways to Support Our Ministries

Become a Sustainer

A sustainer is an investor who commits to making a financial gift on a monthly basis. Those who give monthly help provide us with the stable, predictable income we need pay our ongoing operating expenses.

Immediate Gifts

Gifts of cash, stocks or property are immediately translated into the lives of children and families in crisis. Gifts may be made through our secure website by clicking the “Donate” button at the top of each page, or by mail to 949 County Road 1300 N, Carmi, IL 62821.

Automatic Transfer

Baptist Children’s Home and Family Services is pleased to offer a convenient way for supporters to make a regular gift to the ministry. We can arrange an automatic transfer from your bank account directly to BCHFS each month. You can terminate or alter the arrangement at any time. For more information about setting up an automatic transfer contact Krystal Donelson by email or phone at (618) 382-4164, ext. 105.

Deferred Gifts

You can leave a legacy through planned gifts such as wills, gift annuities, life insurance policies, etc. and ensure the continued stability and expansion of the Christ-centered ministries offered by BCHFS. For long-term friends of our ministry, a planned gift can permanently endow regular support, providing for children and families well into the future.

Ways to Become a Supporting Church

Add BCHFS to your Church’s Budget

Churches from across the state have chosen to invest in our ministry by including BCHFS in their church budgets. Some churches send a percentage of their undesignated gifts monthly, others choose to send a fixed amount each month. Regardless of the method your church chooses, the regular financial support it provides can have a profound impact on the lives of those served by our ministry.

It is important to keep in mind that BCHFS does not receive Cooperative Program funding, so unless BCHFS is in your church budget as a line item, your church may not be providing support to BCHFS.

Participate in Mother’s Day Offering

Each year, BCHFS gives every Southern Baptist church in the state of Illinois the opportunity to participate in the annual Mother’s Day Offering. The funds that we receive through our Mother’s Day Offering are absolutely essential to the survival of our ministry, accounting for around 7% of our yearly operating budget. You can help by encouraging your church to promote and participate in the offering.

For more information about how you or your church can begin to invest financially in the lives of children and families in your community, contact Ken Steward at (618) 978-2553 or by email. As a private 501(c)(3) agency, all gifts to BCHFS are fully deductible for state and federal income tax purposes.

Check out our MISSION PROJECT IDEAS booklet

Your church can participate by participating in one of our many mission projects. Simple things you can do to help benefit BCHFS, while making us all feel pretty good about helping others. You can download our MISSION PROJECT IDEAS booklet here.

Volunteering at BCHFS: Putting Your Love into Motion

It has been said that “volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” At BCHFS, our volunteers are an essential part of our ministry. So much of what we do would not be possible without the help of those who care enough to generously give of their time and talents. Regardless of your skills and abilities, there is a place where you can serve! You can become a church representative or help with special projects such as stuffing envelopes, etc. You can serve as a tutor to our kids or help with our Fall Festival and other fund raising events. Your youth group can even get involved at Baptist Children’s Home by participating in Latreia, our youth mission opportunity.

Special Event Volunteer

BCHFS hosts a number of special events all over the state and we are always in need of volunteers who can help make them a success. Check out our special events page to find an event near you then contact our offices to find out more about how you can get involved.

Latreia (Student Missions)

Latreia, which in Greek means “worship through service,” is our youth missions experience.
Youth groups can participate by performing a variety of much needed service projects around our Carmi campus. Secure your groups reservation today by contacting Adam Koop at (618) 382-4165, ex. 205 or by email.


Become a BCHFS Church Representative

It is our goal to have a volunteer representative in each Southern Baptist church and association who can serve as a communications liaison between BCHFS and your local church. Church reps will receive regular communications from BCHFS regarding our services, events, etc. so they can share the information with their church family. If you are interested in becoming a BCHFS volunteer representative within your church or association call Ken Steward at (618) 978-2553 or by email.

Your Shopping Helps BCHFS

You can even help out our organization by simply doing what you do, shopping. Check out a couple of options that benefit us, while you shop either Amazon online, Schnucks or Kroger stores. We are blessed to have such great partners in our quest for promoting strong families throughout Illinois and beyond.  Learn more.

“This service that you perform is not only supplying the needs of the Lord’s people but is also overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God.”

– 2 Corinthians 9:12

Planned Giving: A Great Way to Leave a Legacy line

For most people, the largest act of financial stewardship they will make in their lifetime is the development of their estate plan. Including Baptist Children’s Home and Family Services in your estate plan gives you the opportunity to leave a legacy that touches future generations for Christ. Perhaps you are a supporter of BCHFS but are unable to make the gift you would like today. Maybe you would like to provide a gift that lives on after you are gone and reflects your heart for helping children and families in the name of Christ. Regardless of your motivation, BCHFS offers a number of planned gift options that can help you provide for your family and establish a gift that will make an eternal difference in the lives of hurting children and families. The following are a few of the options available for making a planned gift to BCHFS.

Charitable Bequests

Charitable Bequests are the most commonly used method of making a planned gift. A bequest is a gift a donor makes through his or her will or trust. It allows donors to keep and use their assets during their lifetime. The assets are transferred to the charity upon the donor’s death. The donor’s estate will receive a charitable estate tax deduction at his or her death, when the gift is made to charLeave a Legacy through Planned Giving at BCHFSity.

Gift Annuity

A Gift Annuity is an agreement between an individual or couple and a charitable organization in which the individual or couple transfers assets to the charity and in return receives fixed payments for the remainder of their lives. Payments may be made monthly, quarterly or annually. A portion of the gift is tax deductible and a portion of the income is tax-free. After the death of all donors named in the annuity contract, the charity will receive the remainder of the annuity account.
> Click here to get more information on Gift Annuities.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A Charitable Remainder Trust is usually funded with an appreciated asset such as stock or real estate. Assets are donated into the trust and in return the donor receives payments for life, two lives or for a term of years. A CRT allows the donor to avoid capital gains tax on the sale of the asset and provides them with an immediate income tax deduction. At the end of the trust term, the charity receives whatever amount is left in the trust.
> Click here to get more information on Charitable Remainder Trusts.

Charitable Lead Trust

A Charitable Lead Trust is designed to help donors who would like to benefit both their family and the charity of their choice. A Charitable Lead Trust is funded when a donor transfers assets into the Trust. The Trust will pay fixed income to the benefiting charity for a period of time, after which the remaining assets will be transferred to the donor or his or her family. The CLT allows donors to pass property or assets to their family while reducing or even eliminating the gift or estate taxes they might incur.

Get More Information

If you would like to learn more about how you can make an eternal difference in the lives of children and families by making a planned gift to Baptist Children’s Home and Family Services please contact Ken Steward at (618) 978-2553 or by email. At BCHFS, we understand the final decisions are yours. You can rest assured that our BCHFS advisors will provide you with the information you need and will never pressure you into making a gift to our ministry. You will be instructed to consult your financial adviser or attorney before finalizing a major gift.

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