Unplanned Pregnancy and Considering Adoption?

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Birthparents Facing an Unplanned Pregancy and Considering Adoption

 We love them both!If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption, Angels’ Cove can help. We can guide you through the process of making a plan for your child through confidential supportive services and care.

The Decision is Yours to Make

Whether you choose to parent or make an adoption plan, Angels’ Cove is here to provide support throughout the decision process. If you choose adoption, Angels’ Cove can assist you by providing emotional support and counseling services through a personalized adoption plan. You can receive services in your home or Angels’ Cove offers housing at our cottage in Mt. Vernon, IL.

Making a Tough Decision

Realizing you might not be ready to parent a child can be one of the toughest decisions you ever make. Angels’ Cove is here to help you through this important time in your life. We value you and your wishes in making this plan and were honored to be selected for the Congressional Angels in Adoption Award because of the concern for those we serve.

Giving your child up for adoption

Choosing a Family

During your personalized adoption plan, you may choose the family where you want to place your child. We have many pre-screened, Christian Illinois families waiting to adopt, love, and care for a child.

Open or Closed Adoption Options

You determine how much interaction you want with the adoptive family you choose.  Some prefer a totally closed arrangement while others may want different degrees of openness.

We’re Here for You

We can work with you while you reside in your own home and/or community. We will travel to you to assist you during the process of your adoption plan.

We also provide housing at our Angels’ Cove cottage in Mt. Vernon and help with transportation and regular obstetric visits.  Our facilities are comfortable and staffed with people who will love and support you.  Every effort is made to customize services to meet your unique situation.  Your counselor will assist you to create a plan and review what you can expect happening during the adoptive process and afterward.

Developing an Adoption Plan

Adoption plans can be made at any time during your pregnancy or even after the birth of your child. Connecting mothers with prospective adoptive families can be a challenge but Angels’ Cove is here to assist you through the confidential process of finding a family for your baby.

What is Required of You in Making an Adoption Plan?

Birthparent of any age and at any point in their pregnancy may make a plan for adoption.  You may be pregnant or already have a child whom you feel adoption is in their best interest.

How much does it cost?

There is no charge for services we provide you throughout this process.  Our staff will help you locating medical care.  We may also assist you with other associated expenses relating to your pregnancy, as permitted by Illinois law.

If you choose to reside at our cottage at Angels’ Cove, there is a $50/month housing fee. Learn more about housing at Angels’ Cove by clicking here.


“Thank you for taking your time and being here for me and my family. My life has really changed for the better while being at the Cove surrounded by wonderful caring people.”
– Cierra

“This past year I had the experience of working with Angels’ Cove’s adoption services and I would like to thank everyone there for making my child’s adoption one of the most amazing experiences I’m guessing I will ever have. Everything went very smooth and it was exactly how I expected and wanted it to be. I knew giving my baby up for adoption would be an emotional experience, but what I did not know was how happy it could be. Everyone at Angels’ Cove really made sure that this was a decision I wanted to make and a decision I was extremely comfortable with and proud of. I know personally that adoption can be a tough decision especially if you have no one supporting you, telling you how great that decision is for you and the baby, or even someone to say they’re proud of you. A decision so big and potentially scary needs constant positive reinforcement. Many people think they have two options; abortion, or raising a child. I know now the beauty of adoption, but when I first got pregnant it was the last thing that crossed my mind.”
– Hayden

“Almost twenty years ago, I placed my son for adoption through Baptist Children’s Home and Maternity Center. You and your staff were so kind and gentle to me as a sixteen-year-old girl who was hurting and confused and ever-so-broken. When I remember the gentle love and unassuming support I received from you and the others there, it still brings me to tears, even now, as I write.”
– Kelli

Considering adoption for your unborn child?

Choosing a better life for your child

Angels’ Cove is staffed by only qualified and caring individuals. We aren’t here to make decisions for you, rather we are here to support and guide you through these difficult and challenging times. Realizing you might not be ready to be a parent can be one of the toughest decisions we ever make, and that’s where Angels’ Cove can play a vital role in becoming your support team. And should you need housing during this term, we offer complete living quarters for young women at our cottage in Mt. Vernon, IL.

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