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Latreia Student Missions “Worship Through Service

Welcome to the Student Mission Revolution

Latreia Student Missions; a healthy competition through ChristNow taking appointments for 2018 Calendar Dates : Sign-your group up today!

Join Student Ministries from all over Illinois who are competing in various mission projects at the Baptist Children’s Home. These teens have chosen to worship God through service to the children and families served by BCHFS.

The Latreia program provides impactful life experiences for your students to share and learn with our residents – utilize their gifts, talents and abilities for the Glory of God-and get a first-hand account of what the Baptist Children’s Home is all about. We welcome and encourage groups of all ages to participate in the Latreia missions program at BCH, however, points will only be awarded to Student Ministry groups. We welcome you to come and experience how your life, and the lives of others, will be changed forever by “Worship through Service.”

Rewards, mission categories & how scoring works for your group

Latreia is an opportunity for your youth group to participate in building the Kingdom and growing in their walk with Christ.  Not only that, your group will be rewarded with points in three missions categories and the top contributors will be rewarded with trophies.  The overall Latreia champion will get to possess the Latreia traveling trophy for the entire next year.

Here is the low down on earning points in the Latreia program:

All financial gifts (cash, checks and gift cards) count for this category. Every penny counts! To determine your point total for the Dead Presidents, simply multiply your monetary gift by 20,000. It’s that simple!

  • Dollers Donated x 20,000 Points = Latreia Points

NOTE: Please make checks payable to BCHFS. Indicate for “Latreia” so teams are credited correctly.

Points are scored in this category by collecting and delivering supplies or materials used by BCHFS. Donations will be weighed and points accrued accordingly.

  • Lbs. of Stuff Donated x 5,000 Points = Latreia Points

In this category, points are earned by contributing your time on the BCH campus. This may be in the form of work projects or interactive activities with the BCH youth. Interactive activities may be anything you can dream up that involves your group interacting with BCH kids! Work project options will be identified by contacting BCH Staff.

The Otho Williams Retreat Facility is available for your team to stay at free of charge during your visit to BCH.

  • Work/Activity Hours x 250,000 Points = Latreia Points


  • You have the opportunity to earn bonus points by cleaning the ranch before you leave (500,000 pts.), having a booth at our annual Fall Festival (1,000,000 pts.) and by donating toilet paper (1,000 pts. per roll) for our general supplies.

Team points will be updated frequently on our website, so check back often to see how your group’s scores compare with other missions groups from the state. NOTE: Teenagers must make up at least 75 % of the group to qualify for points and compete for Latreia trophies.

Accommodations We Offer Our Latreia Groups: Otho Williams Retreat Facility

Otho Williams Retreat FacilityWhile staying at BCH, groups will stay at the Otho Williams Retreat Facility located on the BCH ranch (about 2.5 miles from campus).  The Otho Williams Retreat Facility offers 6 bedrooms (beds for 26), 5 full bathrooms, a kitchen fully equipped for food preparation, laundry facilities, 2 living rooms, dinning room, a large patio deck with big gas grill – and a piano.  For extra large groups, we have “overflow” housing available in our activities building which also has bathrooms and showers available.

Also while at BCH, your group will have access to our activities building.  Groups will also have access to low ropes and team building exercises, as well as a 40 foot tall climbing tower, the “pamper pole” and zip line, all lead by trained, qualified and experienced ropes course instructors  We have two stocked ponds your group can go fishing in, a sand volleyball court, softball field, soccer goals and outdoor basketball courts for your enjoyment. Check out pictures here.



(updated 8/17/18)

Church/Team Dead Presidents Mountain Movers Soul Soldiers Bonus Pts. Total Pts.
Faith Bible 24,540,000 3,875,000 500,000 28,915,000
Southtower Community 8,300,000 4,325,000 3,125,000 534,000 16,284,000
FBC Effingham —  1,050,000 3,875,000 500,000 5,425,000
Messiah Baptist —  175,000 4,500,000 510,000 5,185,000
FSBC Colona —   — 4,500,000 510,000 5,010,000
Wells Chapel 2,000,000  — 875,000 510,000 3,385,000
Heartland Baptist —   — 1,500,000 500,000 2,000,000
Clarksville Baptist —   — 1,000,000 510,000 1,510,000
Omaha General Baptist —   — 750,000 10,000 760,000
FBC Mt. Carmel —   — 500,000 10,000 510,000

2018 Calendar : Get Your Group Scheduled Now!

September October November
  • 7-8: FBC Cobden
  • 14-15: Maryville Christian School
  • 15: Fall Festival
  • 21-22: GWBA Ladies Retreat
  • 29: No Latreia
  • 5-8: No Latreia
  • 12-14: Wells Chapel Ladies Retreat
  • 19-20: Grace Fellowship
  • 19: FBC Effingham
  • 19-20: Please clear these dates
  • 26-28: Wells Chapel youth retreat
  • 10-18: No Latreia
  • 21-25: No Latreia
  • 29-30: No Latreia
  • 1-2: No Latreia
  • 15: Camp Creek Baptist
  • 21: Latreia point deadline- noon


Check out the calendar below, and sign your group up today to start their student mission projects!

LATREIA is one of the Greek words used in the New Testament to describe “Worship through Service.”

Calendar spots fill up quickly, so don’t hesitate to call Adam to learn more about scheduling your group. We are very flexible and can accommodate most wishes. You may use the form below to learn more or get your group scheduled.

Adam Koop
Adam KoopLatreia Coordinator & Challenge Course Manager

Office Tel: (618) 382-4165, ext. 205
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