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Cove Connection, an Outreach of Angels’ Cove

Cove Connection: helping new moms and dadsConnecting Young Moms & Dads with the Community

Cove Connection is an outreach program committed to helping young moms and dads just like you…we understand the challenges you face and we want you to know that we are here to help you.

The Cove Connection program connects young moms and dads with the following:

  • Special Outings
  • Support & Friendship
  • Parenting Education
  • Skill Building Workshops
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Fun Activities Together
  • Mentoring

In order to benefit fully from this free and exciting program, we ask the following from you:

  • Attend weekly
  • Give us your undivided attention by silencing your cell phones
  • Childcare will be provided during these Cove Connection functions.
  • Bring your child in a dry diaper, along with a packed diaper bag and an extra set of clothes
  • Please label all your items
  • Participate with an open mind and have fun!


“I think Cove Connection is lots of fun, I have learned many things, even how to bake a pie…Oh and I can’t forget the Zumba Dance Party.
– Kat

“I have made some true friendships being involved in Cove Connection. My mentor is there for me when I need someone to listen, she has given me encouragement, and I call her my friend.”
– Ashley


Cove Connection at Angels' Cove
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