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Helping Couples Seeking to Adopt a Child

Angels' Cove Helping Couples who seek adoption in IL.The beauty of a family is one of the most cherished honors in this world, and Illinois Baptist Children’s Home & Family Services in Mt. Vernon, IL, is here to help couples find the child God has called them to adopt. We are a fully licensed adoption agency/provider in the state of Illinois. BCHFS works with both, the birthparent and the prospective couple, through our domestic adoption program or through home study/post-placement services for international or private domestic adoptions (ID# 401813). View BCHFS Adoption Forms necessary below.

Home Study Services

A home study is an integral and important part of the adoption process. Making sure we place children in a safe and caring environment, where all parties thrive, is often the most important part of the process. This process can take several weeks, where a social worker visits the prospective adoptive couple’s home and conducts interviews for this pre-screening process. Hague Accredited AgencyBCHFS provides home study services statewide for couples seeking to adopt in the US (domestic) or from another country (international).  Home studies are written with your specific adoption in mind and meet both Hague and Interstate Compact guidelines.  For questions regarding home study services, please contact the Mt. Vernon office at (618) 242-4944 or email

Post-Placement Services

Post-placement services are provided as required by your placement agency and/or country. Post-placement services are conducted once the family has adopted their child and include information on the progress of the child since the adoptive placement. As a licensed adoption provider in the state of Illinois, we also provide home study services statewide for couples seeking to adopt within the state or internationally (ID# 401813).


Domestic and International (Hague-approved) training is available to meet the requirements of adoption and better prepare families on the important issues of adoption.  Domestic and International training is offered quarterly.  For specific dates, please contact our Mt. Vernon office at (618) 242-4644 or email our office.

BCHFS Adoption Placement Eligibility Requirements

Agency Placements

As a licensed adoption agency, BCHFS oversees adoptions with birthmothers served through Angels’ Cove in Mt. Vernon, IL.  We facilitate the entire process, while providing loving support to both birthparents and adoptive parents.

Angels’ Cove of Baptist Children’s Home and Family Services is licensed to provide adoption services in Illinois. We have established the following eligibility requirements for prospective parents adopting through our domestic adoption program:

  • Applicants must have been married at least 3 years.
  • Applicants may have no more than two children in the home and unable to have additional children.
  • Both parents may not exceed the age of 50 years.
  • Applicants must be committed Christians and active in the same evangelical church as described in the Adoptive Parent Faith Declaration.
  • Applicants must be Illinois residents.
  • Other considerations may apply such as other children in the home, mixed race families, and any physical/mental disabilities within your household.
  • Home study and post-placement services are available to families residing in Illinois who are utilizing accredited adoption agencies. We do not assist with adoptions provided through facilitators.

Open or Closed Adoption Options

Both open and closed adoption options are available, although we encourage a degree of openness in most adoptions for the health of all parties concerned. Closed adoptions may extend the waiting period considerably as most birth parents prefer some degree of openness and quickly bypass families who are unwilling to consider this. You may choose how much openness you want with your birth family.

How much does it cost to adopt?

BCHFS wants to make adoption affordable to couples who want to be parents. Fees associated with adoption can be found by clicking here.  Home study fees are due when the process begins; Post-placement fees after each post-placement visit.

Agency placement fees are based on income. A pre-application fee is required to begin the adoption process.  One-half of the adoption fee is due when they receive their child; the balance upon finalization in six months.

A portion of medical expenses may be charged to the family. However, adoptive parents have the option to request only birth mothers whose medical expenses are covered through public assistance or insurance.

Learn more about how you can adopt through Angels’ Cove.

Contact our office in Mt. Vernon at (618) 242-4944 or by email at We can work with you on your potential qualifications, the paperwork involved and setting up your adoption plan. Our caring staff wants to make your adoption dreams come true, pairing your family with the best possible birthmother in a streamlined and fully-licensed process.


Congressional Angels In Adoption Awarded to Angels' Cove

Adoption Services through Angels’ Cove

Adoption services are coordinated through staff at BCHFS who work with prospective adoptive parents throughout the licensing and placement process. As a licensed adoption provider in the state of Illinois, we also provide home study services statewide for couples seeking to adopt within the state or internationally. You can contact BCHFS at the Angels’ Cove location for information on international home studies or placements (ID# 401813). Angels’ Cove is proud to have received the Congressional Angels in Adoption Award.







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