Statement of Beliefs and Values

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Statement of Beliefs and Values

BCHFS offers Christ-centered services to heal, protect and restore. The Baptist Children’s Home and Family Services is built on a calling from God to Illinois Baptist churches and people to care for the orphaned and to support families in crisis and need. We affirm Biblical truth through our historical association with the Illinois Baptist State Association and the Southern Baptist Convention.  Specifically, we affirm the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 as representative of our Baptist beliefs and this statement is used for guidance in the design of our God-centered ministry programs, services, policies, procedures, professional practice and staffing.  Our final authority in faith and practice is the Bible.

  • We exist solely as a Christian service ministry to children, adults, and families placed in our path of service and as a resource to local churches, families, and community referrals.
  • We exist to fulfill our mission which is to offer Christ-centered services to heal, protect and restore.
  • We exist because of the faithful vision, sacrifice, and support of Illinois Baptist churches and individual believers in Jesus Christ who sustain the ministry through their personal and corporate resources.

As a Christian organization and Baptist affiliated ministry, we espouse the following practices in our services and programs:

  • We value and affirm life from conception to natural death.
  • We believe that children should live in a safe and stable home environment and should be given the opportunity to thrive with loving parents.
  • We offer residential care, when needed, which nurtures the whole child – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • We work to strengthen the family unit and build family and community supports with the goal of reunification of the family.
  • We promote life through alternatives to abortion including residential care for pregnant women, life-skills training and Christian counseling, and/or adoption as set out below.
  • We believe that marriage is ordained by God and revealed in the Bible to be a covenant relationship between one man (biologically male at birth) and one woman (biologically female at birth).
  • We serve Christian, heterosexual-married couples (meaning of opposite biological gender at birth) in our adoption ministry and services, including those services we offer in support to outside adoption providers.
  • When we cannot assist through our Christian ministry programs, we offer referral assistance to outside agencies.
  • We offer all our services regardless of ability to pay and regardless of racial or ethnic backgrounds.