Licensed Adoption Services in Illinois

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Licensed Adoption Services in Illinois

A licensed adoption agency operating in Mt. Vernon, Illinois

Adoption Services by Angels' Cove of Mt. Vernon, ILFinding a credible agency that has your best interests in mind can be a daunting task. Especially when it comes to the future of an unborn child. Baptist Children’s Home & Family Services and its friendly staff are here to help you navigate these waters. We’ve been operating throughout Illinois for more than 40 years, serving not only those faced with unplanned pregnancies and considering adoption, but also helping couples find the child God has called to them.

We are fully-licensed in adoptive services for Illinois and not only have the experience to handle complicated adoptions, but the personal care, attention to detail and willingness to create a harmonious environment is unmatched.

Following, are the various types of adoption services we provide;

  • Domestic & International Adoption Home Studies and Supervision
  • Private Domestic Adoption Assistance
  • Interstate Adoptions
  • Agency Adoptions

Adoptions are typically referred to as being Domestic (adoptions of children within the US) or International (adoptions of children outside the US).

BCHFS strives to place children with loving, Christian parents residing in Illinois. If families are interested in adopting, they should personally contact the Mt. Vernon office to discuss what services we can best provide for their situation.  Applications will only be sent when prospective families have contacted us directly by mail, email or telephone.

Private Domestic & International Adoption Home Studies and Supervision

BCHFS provides domestic and international home study and post-placement services to Illinois families. The state of Illinois requires residents of Illinois to utilize a licensed agency to provide the home study investigation when working with an adoption agency outside the state of Illinois. Post-placement services are conducted once the family has adopted their child and includes information on the progress of the child since the adoptive placement. These services are coordinated by our Mt. Vernon office but may be provided by staff throughout the state. If a family is interested in this service, they should contact Regina Thompson in the Mt. Vernon office.

International Adoption

BCHFS does not directly coordinate international adoptions. As stated, We do provide home study and post-placement services to Illinois families adopting through international agencies outside of Illinois. We also serve as the liaison between U.S. Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services and Illinois Department of Children & Family Services. Click here to view the BCHFS Fee Schedule for International Adoptions.

Angels Cove Mt Vernon Illinois

Private Domestic Adoptions

BCHFS assists Illinois families who are adopting through domestic adoption agencies within and outside of Illinois.  These services may include birthparent services and/or home study and post-placement services. Our birthparent services include pre and post-adoption support, liaison services between birth and adoptive parents, accepting of Final Surrenders and other legal documentation to provide a legal and healthy adoption experience.

Interstate Adoptions

At the present time, BCHFS does not place children for adoption out of the state of Illinois. However, on occasion, we are asked to assist other out-of-state agencies with adoptive placements. Our role in this procedure is to provide in-home maternity services to birth mothers planning adoption. We also serve as a liaison between the birth parents and the adoptive parents while they are in Illinois. Adoption and interstate documents are completed and the family is notified when they may return to their home state.

Agency Adoptions

BCHFS is licensed to place children born to birth parents we serve in our residential home of Angels’ Cove or those residing in their own homes.  As most of those we serve choose to parent, we do few agency placements within a year. Below are eligibility requirements for an agency adoption:

Adoption Eligibility Requirements

Baptist Children’s Home and Family Services is licensed to provide adoption services in Illinois. We have established the following eligibility requirements for prospective parents adopting through our domestic adoption program:

  • Applicants must have been married at least 3 years.
  • Applicants may have no more than two children in the home and unable to have additional children.
  • Oldest parent may not exceed the age of 50 years.
  • Applicants must be committed Christians and active in the same evangelical church as described in the Adoptive Parent Faith Declaration.
  • Applicants must be Illinois resident

Additional questions may be addressed by emailing us or calling our office at (618) 242-4944.








Angels' Cove was the recipient of the Congressional Award in Adoptions

Adoption Services through BCHFS

Adoption services are coordinated through staff at Angels’ Cove. BCHFS works with prospective adoptive parents throughout the licensing and placement process. As a licensed adoption provider in the state of Illinois, we also provide home study services statewide for couples seeking to adopt within the state or internationally. You can contact our office for information on international home studies or placements (ID# 401813). We are proud to have received the Congressional Angels in Adoption Award.


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