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A Home Built Through Faith, Sacrifice and Vision : BCHFS Mother's Day OfferingOne hundred years ago, members of Carmi First Baptist Church were called by God to build a place of belonging for children who were alone– a place where the overlooked would be valued and loved. The structures were built brick-by-brick through hard work and perseverance. Before long, a Christ-centered ministry of compassion had sprung from a White County field where only corn and beans had grown before. God took the willing hearts of a few and through their faith, sacrifice and vision created a place of refuge for generations to come.

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They provided a place for Evelyn Money, who was only 2 years old when she and her sister Helen were brought to the Baptist Orphanage in 1920. Evelyn’s father passed away before she was born, and her mother lacked the financial means to care for the girls. Desperate, she brought Evelyn and Helen to the Orphanage, confident they would receive the love and guidance they deserved. Evelyn lived at the Orphanage for 14 years. It was here she gave her life to Christ. Throughout her adult life, until her passing in 2016, Evelyn often made trips back to Carmi to see that old three-story brick building and reminisce about the only childhood home she ever knew.

Evelyn and her sister Helen stayed at BCH in 1920.Today, as I write this letter, it’s Friday evening at Mathias Cottage. The girls are finished with their pizza, and the kitchen has been put back in order. There is a sense of serenity in the large living room as they relax in the lamp-lit space. One young lady works on her homework at the computer behind the sofa. Two others sit side-by-side, one knitting a blanket and the other, a scarf. One girl is wearing headphones and is watching a cartoon on her laptop. The rest of the group talk and laugh as they shower attention on Gracie, the lovable cottage Chihuahua. It seems like an ordinary moment. But for those who are accustomed to chaos, the peace and stability of this place will forever live in their hearts.

When I consider all of the lives that have been impacted over the past century by this ministry, created and maintained by God’s faithful people, I am truly humbled to even be a part of it. BCHFS has never had to rely on State or Federal funding to provide our vital services to the community. Since the very beginning, our work has been made possible through the generosity of friends like you.

In 2018, we are still counting on YOU. We need your help to ensure BCHFS continues to be a refuge for struggling children and families, a place where Christ’s love is shared and the Gospel is presented. For this reason, I humbly ask that you consider sending your most generous gift to this year’s Mother’s Day Offering.

The story of BCHFS began a century ago, but it’s far from over. Join us as we begin the next chapter!

Serving together,

Denny Hydrick
Executive Director, BCHFS

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