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We Are Pathways Counseling.
Compassionate Care for Individuals and Families

The mission of the Pathways ministry is to provide professional, confidential, Christian counseling to the individuals and families living in and near the communities of Carlinville, Chatham, Edwardsville, Harrisburg, Swansea, Vandalia, Wood River and Carmi, Illinois.

Welcome to Pathways CounselingWe have three main office locations along with several satellite locations which include:

You could be mourning the death of a loved one, facing communication challenges with your spouse, or trying to get help for a child in trouble. Whatever the need, Pathways counselors want to help.

Our qualified mental health professionals deal with a broad range of relational and psychological issues with both expertise and Christian compassion. You are not just a number, you are very important to us.

To find out how Pathways can help you, start by contacting your closest Pathways office. We will then set up a time to meet with you regarding your particular needs- matching you with the right therapist. Your therapist will assist you in setting reasonable goals and then work with you to achieve those goals in the shortest time frame possible.

Additionally, Pathways staff may provide assistance to churches, Sunday School classes, missions groups and other organizations that are interested in social ministries. Pathways staff members can facilitate seminars on various topics of concern among children and families, such as parenting skills, self-esteem, relational issues, grief and loss, etc.

Other functions of our Pathways Offices include:

  • Foster & Adoptive Care Referrals
  • Assistance With Social Ministries in
    Churches and Community Organizations
  • Residential Care Referrals
  • Maternity Care Referrals

Metro East Pathways Office
Metro East Headquarters Christian Counseling Satellite Locations:
  • Mark McCormick, LCPC
    Director of Metro East
    4950 Old Collinsville Road,
    Swansea, Illinois 62226
    tel. (618) 624-4060
    fax. (618) 624-4390
    Email Metro East Office
  • Swansea (618) 624-4060
  • Edwardsville (618) 447-0257
  • Wood River (618) 251-9790

Central Illinois Pathways Office
Central Illinois Headquarters Christian Counseling Satellite Locations:
  • Molly Ondrey (Chatham, Carlinville),
    Beth Hoffman (Effingham, Salem, Vandalia)

    1500 E. Walnut Street
    Chatham, IL 62629

    cell. (217) 971-9385

Southeastern Illinois Pathways Office
Southeastern Illinois Headquarters Christian Counseling Satellite Locations:
  • Carmi (618) 382-3907
  • Harrisburg (618) 382-3907

Pathways Counseling accepts most insurance, but for clients without
insurance coverage, our offices also offer a sliding fee scale.
Pathways confidential services are provided to anyone regardless
of age, gender, race or religion.

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Frequently Asked Questions :: Pathways Counseling Services

Where are you located?
We currently have ten locations in Illinois. We have offices in Carlinville, Carmi, Chatham, Edwardsville, Effingham, Harrisburg, Salem, Swansea, Vandalia and Wood River.

I am interested in counseling, how do I get started?
Simply call or email one of our above offices. You will first need to speak with the Director who will listen to your concerns and questions. You may call or email any time of the day or night. We have a voice mail system that is operational 24-hours a day. Your call will be returned as soon as possible and in the order it was received. If outpatient therapy is recommended and if our therapists have the expertise and experience to address your concerns, an appointment will be made for you.

What can I expect from treatment at Pathways?
Your therapist will begin with a thorough assessment of your concerns. He/she will then discuss with you treatment recommendations and treatment options. You have the option to decline services or to ask questions about treatment at any time. Your therapist will set reasonable goals with you and then work with you to achieve those goals in the shortest time frame possible. At Pathways, our therapists will offer you quality, professional services as well as caring, personal treatment. You are not just a number, you are very important to us.

What kinds of services do you offer?
We offer services based on need. The primary need in our area is for quality outpatient mental health for individuals, couples, and families. This also includes children and teens. At our Swansea office, we have a wonderful play room designed specifically for counseling children. We are also able to offer therapy groups when there is a demand for group topics such as grief support groups, parenting support groups, etc. As our schedule allows, we are available to come to schools, churches and other settings to talk to groups about relevant topics.

How do I know my treatment will be private and confidential?
Our laws state very clearly that Pathways may not share your personal information with others without your consent. If someone calls to ask whether or not you are a client, we are not even allowed to say "yes." The only exceptions to this rule are if child abuse/neglect, elderly abuse, suicide, or intent to harm others is suspected then we are mandated by law to intervene with or without your consent. Your personal information is kept in a secure location. Besides your therapist, his/her supervisor would have access to your file for supervision purposes only. You are welcome at any time to discuss this issue with your therapist or the Director.

What will my therapist be like?
You will be able to discuss your therapist options when you talk with the Director. The availability of therapists varies depending on their schedules. We offer male and female therapists with a variety of specialties. We will match you with the best possible therapist for your needs.

What if I have a crisis/emergency?
Pathways does not have a crisis service at this time. The office is generally open Monday through Thursday as well as by appointment. If you have an emergency after business hours or you have tried to reach your therapist and cannot wait for them to call you back, we urge you to contact 911, local law enforcement or go to your local emergency room. Please let us know or have the facility contact us as soon as possible so that we may coordinate services with them.

Can you tell me about the fees for services?
Many insurance companies cover services with Pathways therapists. We will file claims for you. It is important for you to contact your insurance company to verify your coverage. If you do not have insurance or if insurance will not offer coverage, we will discuss payment options with you. We will utilize a sliding scale based on your family income and the number of people in your family dependent on that income. Our goal is to make services affordable for everyone.

Do my religious beliefs affect my treatment?
Everyone is welcome and entitled to professional therapeutic services regardless of religion, race, beliefs, income, or any other reason. We do not hide the fact that all of our therapists are Christians; we all have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This is an important part of who we are and why we are here. Our therapists are called to serve and believe it is an honor to be able to minister to others. Whether you have an interest in addressing spiritual issues or not, it is our privilege to work with you. It is our goal to provide the highest level of professional care we can and to demonstrate love and compassion to everyone.

Our Pathways Counselors are well-trained, knowledgable and compassionate in their treatment of individuals and families located in the greater Illinois areas. Don't hesitate to call with any questions you have. We'll treat your mind, body and spirit.

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BCHFS StaffMark McCormick

Mark McCormick, LCPC

Director of Metro East Pathways
Office Tel:
(618) 624-4060
Email Mark

Oma RiceOma Rice, LCSW
Director of Southeastern Illinois Pathways
Office Tel:
(618) 382-3907
Email Oma


Frequently Asked QuestionsFor Frequently Asked Questions abour Pathways offices, please visit the following areas to get answers to common questions.


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