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Baptist Children's Home (BCH)
Residential Care for Children and Teens

Adolescence can become a time of crisis in the life of any family. With cultural pressures and expectations, families often find themselves unprepared to deal with difficulties that arise in the social, emotional, mental, behavioral, and spiritual areas of these young adults’ lives.Welcome to BCH Residential Care

At our Baptist Children’s Home (BCH) campus in Carmi we provide residential care for children ages 8 to 18 who are experiencing emotional or behavioral difficulties as well as children who have been victimized by abuse, neglect or abandonment. Children are housed by gender and live in eight-capacity cottages under the care of loving, Christian BCH houseparents.

Through individual, group and family therapy, children learn to identify and move away from self-defeating habits and into positive, outwardly focused habits. Therapeutic recreation is also provided by a full-time recreational therapist.

All children attend a local Baptist church, the public school and are encouraged to participate in community activities. Special care is given to the educational, spiritual and emotional growth of each child.

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Admissions Criteria for Baptist Children's Home include:

  • Ages 8 -18
  • IQ 80+
  • Ability to live in small-group environment
  • No danger to self or others
  • Ability to attend public school

Frequently Asked Questions :: About BCH Residential Care

When I place my child do I give up any rights?
No. No parental rights or guardianship is given up when a parent places their child.

What's the average length of stay?
Approximately 12 months.

Is there a school on campus?
No, BCH children attend local public schools.

How much does it cost?
Cost is based on a sliding fee scale as determined by annual income.

What is the typical age of our residents?
12 -18 years old.

How soon can I place my child?
2-4 weeks after we receive application

What makes BCH different from other facilities?

  • We are a home
  • We share our faith in Jesus Christ with our children.
  • Our staff view their "job" as a "calling from Christ" so our commitment to the children is unparalleled.
  • We design the treatment and interventions through our relationships with the child. This provides a more meaningful and long-lasting change in the child's life.
  • We are constantly reviewing new treatment technology, techniques and training to stay current in the field of adolescent residential care.

How do I get my child placed at BCH?

  • The first step is for the parent or guardian to fill out the application and have the child’s school fill out the school enrollment and report.
  • Download Application Form
  • Then mail or fax the application to our intake coordinator.
  • After the application and school paperwork are reviewed you will receive a call to set up an interview appointment.


If you have any questions that were not addressed here, please contact our office!
We look forward to hearing from you!

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BCHFS StaffScott D. Kiser

Scott D. Kiser, LMFT

Director of BCH Residential Care
Office Tel:
(618) 382-4165
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BCHFS CottagesBCH kids live on our Carmi Campus in several home-like cottages staffed with caring houseparents, they include:

Part of the process for getting kids pointed in the right direction involves working with others in a team-like setting:

Part of the rejuvenation of young people is participating in various forms of counseling from trained professionals, in a relaxed setting.
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Invite A Speaker.
If you would like to have a speaker from BCHFS come and share with your group or organization.
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Latreia : Worship through Service at BCHFS
BCHFS Latreia Program
Join Student Ministries from all over Illinois who are competing in various mission projects at the Baptist Children’s Home.

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